Polar Bear Plate Discipline: is Pete Alonso Waking Up?

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Bears are famous for hibernation.

Maybe that’s what happened in 2020 for Pete Alonso. The affably-known “Polar Bear” had about as red-hot an MLB debut as physically possible, when he set the all-time record for home runs in a rookie season with 53 in 2019. Last season, though, was clearly a down year. Pete saw declines vs. his rookie year in just about everything: batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, exit velocity – I could go on but won’t for his sake.

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Making the Switch: Which Starters Should Come Out of the Bullpen?

All MLB pitchers were starters at one point in their careers.

Growing up through Little League, college, and the Minor Leagues, anyone who is eventually good enough to pitch in the majors was likely the superstar ace of most of their previous teams. However, at the highest of levels, many pitchers have to make concessions to their new reality – the fact that they may be better served – and better serve their teams –  coming out of the bullpen as relievers.

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The All-MLB Free Agency Team

February is right around the corner. Winter is almost on its way out, and pitchers and catchers start to report to spring training in just 2 weeks. The MLB landscape, though, is far from set.

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