A Way-Too-Early 2014 Fantasy Football WAR Ranking

If you have ever played fantasy football, you know that quarterback is the most plentiful position, with tons of solid starters available for pickup off of the waiver wire, and running back is the most scarce, with very little top-flight talent. What I set out to do was to truly quantify the “Wins Above Replacement” of each Fantasy Football Player, by creating a “replacement-level” baseline for each position (essentially a player that you could pick up off of the waiver wire throughout the year), and then calculating which players had the most projected 2014 points above their position’s replacement level. Using 2014 projections from DraftShark.com (future projections may change, due to drawing on a combination of different projection services when they put out their 2014 projections, such as NumberFire or ESPN), I created the CornerThree WAR Top 200 Fantasy Football Players for 2014 (based off of PPR fantasy football).

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All You Need to Know About the Conference Finals

Well, we’re here. After a very exciting first couple rounds of the playoffs, the Conference Finals have arrived. This season, the NBA again showed that there is little parity in its ranks, and multiple seven-game series usually weed out potential upsets. Accordingly, in both conferences, the only teams remaining are seeds 1 and 2. Both of these matchups, though, are sure to be classics. Let’s take a closer look:

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Five Biggest Picks of the First Round

Last night was an absolute roller coaster for NFL fans – one the NFL world probably would have enjoyed ending a little more quickly, but still a great ride. The draft truly is a special event that gives fans across the country immense amount of hope for the upcoming season. Whether you are a team in rebuilding, or a team that may be one player away from hoisting the Lombardy trophy, the draft is always exciting. Last night had some eye-opening picks, some head scratchers, and everything in between. This is not a list of the five best players chosen last night. Rather, this list shows the five biggest picks that best pair an organization with a draftee, not without questions. The factors that go into this list are when the player was drafted, what the team had to do to draft him, and the overall fit of the player with his new team.

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Who/When/Why: Second Round

We have just witnessed one of the greatest first rounds in NBA Playoff history: Game 7s, overtimes; four-point plays. Can the second round top it? Here’s what the stats say about each of the matchups:

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