Manchester United: Sleeping Giants

The most popular sports league in the world starts back up this weekend, and with Manchester United playing Swansea City, it will sprint to a start this Saturday. Looking to the Sports Books for a look at how the bettors believe the league will end, Chelsea is the favorite at 15-8 (giving them around a 34.78% chance of winning the title), Man City is a close 2nd at 9-4 (30.77%), Manchester United is 3rd – decently far behind the Blues and City – at 9-2 (18.18%), and Arsenal rounds out the top 4 at 6-1 (14.29%).

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Explanation of the Corner Three Fantasy Football Rankings

In sabermetrics, one of the biggest concepts is the idea of the value over a replacement level player. In baseball that stat is WAR, wins above replacement, and in basketball it is WAR and also VORP, quite literally value over replacement player. For our Corner Three fantasy rankings we have followed the sabermetric path to create the only fantasy football stat you need, Points above Replacement, or PAR.

Here is how PAR works.

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