Explanation of the Corner Three Fantasy Football Rankings

In sabermetrics, one of the biggest concepts is the idea of the value over a replacement level player. In baseball that stat is WAR, wins above replacement, and in basketball it is WAR and also VORP, quite literally value over replacement player. For our Corner Three fantasy rankings we have followed the sabermetric path to create the only fantasy football stat you need, Points above Replacement, or PAR.

Here is how PAR works.

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A Way-Too-Early 2014 Fantasy Football WAR Ranking

If you have ever played fantasy football, you know that quarterback is the most plentiful position, with tons of solid starters available for pickup off of the waiver wire, and running back is the most scarce, with very little top-flight talent. What I set out to do was to truly quantify the “Wins Above Replacement” of each Fantasy Football Player, by creating a “replacement-level” baseline for each position (essentially a player that you could pick up off of the waiver wire throughout the year), and then calculating which players had the most projected 2014 points above their position’s replacement level. Using 2014 projections from DraftShark.com (future projections may change, due to drawing on a combination of different projection services when they put out their 2014 projections, such as NumberFire or ESPN), I created the CornerThree WAR Top 200 Fantasy Football Players for 2014 (based off of PPR fantasy football).

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