History of the 22nd Pick

Welcome to Corner Three’s NBA Draft Pick History! How valuable is the 22nd pick?

Of the 25 picks since 1995:

  • 0 players have made All-Star Teams (0%)
  • 0 players have made All-NBA Teams (0%)
  • The median career Win Shares is 1.7

Expected player values for the 22nd pick would be:

BestJarrett Allen
MedianViktor Khryapa
WorstMalachi Richardson

The mean 22nd pick has averaged:


Here’s what the latest contract for the 22nd pick looks like:

3$2,617,800Team Option
4$4,306,281Team Option
5$6,235,495Qualifying Offer

And here’s every 22nd pick since 1995:

PlayerTeamYearAll-Star TeamsAll-NBA TeamsWin Shares
Zeke NnajiDEN2020
Grant WilliamsBOS20191.6
Chandler HutchisonCHI20181.2
Jarrett AllenBRK201720
Malachi RichardsonCHO201620
Bobby PortisCHI201510.8
Jordan AdamsMEM20140.4
Mason PlumleeBRK201334.3
Fab MeloBOS20120
Kenneth FariedDEN201138.8
Elliot WilliamsPOR20100.7
Victor ClaverPOR20090.2
Courtney LeeORL200839.3
Jared DudleyCHA200742.9
Marcus WilliamsNJN20060
Jarrett JackDEN200536.8
Viktor KhryapaNJN20042
Zoran PlaninićNJN20031.5
Casey JacobsenPHO20026.2
Jeryl SasserORL20010.7
Donnell HarveyNYK20004.7
Kenny ThomasHOU199931.2
Brian SkinnerLAC199815.8
Ed GrayATL19970.1
Roy RogersVAN19961.7
George ZídekCHH19950.8

Thanks to our sources, Basketball Reference and Spotrac.

Draft History compiled by Derek ReiferRJ Garcia.